Solutions for water infrastructure

Key Markets


Source to tap solutions for rural communities, camps, mines, or individual property owners.  Wells, surface water intakes, pumphouse and system design, distribution piping, and interconnection to domestic plumbing.


Professionally engineered designs for residential or commercial systems.  New builds or replacement systems.   Regulatory documentation for health authorities.  

See subsidiary company to Beaty Hydro - West Coast Septic:


Major pump station design, including operation and control philosophy, equipment specification and procurement,  inspections, and project management. Operation and Maintenance Manual (O&M) compilation. System training for operators.


Feasibility studies, concept designs, energy models (production models), hydraulic structure design, cost estimates, financial models, equipment specifications, and construction support.


Drawings and specifications for storm and sanitary pump system designs as required for building permits.


Feature Project


BC Parks Ten Mile Lake Provincial Campground Water System Upgrade. This project will feature a new water treatment building, potable water treatment system, supply and distribution piping, and upgrades to existing infrastructure.

Feature Project 

2020 - PRESENT

Site C is a 1,100 MW hydroelectric plant located near Fort St. John in north-eastern British Columbia.  The plant is currently under construction with a target completion date of 2024.  Beaty Hydro is responsible for the detailed design, procurement, commissioning and system training for highly customized pump system equipment required for pressure testing the massive 2,800 cubic meter spiral cases surrounding each turbine.  Beaty Hydro's design and procurement work is currently ongoing, with a scheduled system implementation date of Summer 2021.

UPDATE - February, 2022 - Success!  Beaty Hydro’s custom designed pump skids for Site C are commissioned and running like a top!  2 of 6 turbine generator unit spiral cases have now been pressure tested.  The critical concrete pressure embedment process is now underway.

UPDATE  - June, 2021.  As of June 2021 the pressure testing skids are fabricated and on their way to Site C.  Beaty Hydro is providing on-site commissioning, and will continue to support the Client with on-site assistance through implementation.

Feature Project


Type 3 Onsite Wastewater System - Bowen Island, BC.

West Coast Septic, a subsidiary of Beaty Hydro, completed a septic system for a technically challenging site on Bowen Island, with steep slopes and entirely bedrock subsurface.  The system features a Type 3 wastewater treatment plant, an MBBR technology and UV Disinfection.  Uniform distribution sand mound type disposal field and constructed receiving area. 

Feature Project


The Haisla Water System is a municipal water pumping and distribution project located within Kitamaat Village, on the west coast of British Columbia.  It is a major milestone in water security for the Haisla First Nation.  The system features groundwater wells, a booster pump station, storage reservoirs, and state of the art materials and equipment.

­­­­­­­Beaty Hydro is involved with final project completion, commissioning, training materials, and writing the Operation and Maintenance manual for the system.

Feature Project 


Beaty Hydro completed this extremely fast-tracked project in conjunction with Stormtec Filtration, to deliver a construction water supply pump system from design->commissioning in just 4 weeks!   Beaty Hydro was able to meet the Client’s tight schedule, providing design drawings, field reviews, and commissioning support.  The project included 3D Piping modelling, P&IDs, design reports, and ongoing support. 

Andrew Beaty, P. Eng.

Andrew is a Professional Engineer from Vancouver, Canada.  He has over 15 years of experience in the design, construction, and commissioning of major pump stations and hydroelectric power stations across Canada and on 5 continents.  Andrew is a highly capable engineer and manager with a proven track record of delivering successful projects.   He is skilled in both engineering design and project management.  

In 2018, Andrew started Beaty Hydro Corporation, a fully-insured engineering company providing the full suite of engineering services in multiple disciplines. His clients range from major construction companies and leading engineering firms to small independently owned businesses and individual property owners.   Under Beaty Hydro, Andrew has successfully completed projects as lead designer,  project manager, and Owner's Engineer.  Andrew provides effective coordination between Owners, equipment suppliers, construction contractors, and engineers.

Memberships and Affiliations 

American Water Works Association (AWWA)

BC Water and Waste Association (BCWWA)

BC Small Water Systems Community Network

British Columbia Construction Roundtable (BCCR)

Western Canada Onsite Wastewater Management Association (WCOWMA)



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